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  1. Too Late for the Gold Rush ?

    With smartphone sales stagnating and social media in the news for all the wrong reasons, it seems we’ve fallen out of love with technology. But isn’t innovation always in vogue?  

    January 18th 2019

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  2. Wearing Thin

    Apple became the largest publically traded company just over three months ago so there’s been a lot of expectation around it’s recent Spring Forward event.  Many of the announcements were as expected – the iPhone6 is enjoying phenomenal success with customer satisfaction at an incredible 99%, the new 12” Macbook is only 2/3 the volume of the earlier 11” version and so on.  However, most of the mainstream news centred on the Apple watch.  But despite the frenzy, are wearable technologies a solution looking for a problem?  

    March 20th 2015

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  3. Digital Adolescence

    Why is the digital generation proving the most cynical as far as mobile payments are concerned? The use of mobile devices to make payments is not new (think Africa) but it wasn’t until April this year that the UK launched Paym.  According to the Payments Council, these sorts of transactions will become second nature.  Yet the very people who should be adopting this (15-25 year olds) are apparently the most reticent.  What’s going on ?


    August 15th 2014

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  4. Why There’s Money in Messaging - Eventually

    Facebook has just announced that it is spending a colossal $19billion buying the mobile instant messaging company WhatsApp.  This is one of the biggest deals in tech for a long time – reminiscent of the $25billion acquisition of Compaq by HP.  Now, $19 billion is a lot of money – it’s larger than the entire market cap of say Sony for example – and it’s over 10% of the value of Facebook itself ($170bn).  The key point is that messaging platform acquisitions don’t always work.  Whilst YouTube has continued to grow since it’s take over by Google in 2006, MySpace fell off the cliff after Newscorp spent $580million buying it in 2005.  So why has Facebook risked so much?

    February 20th 2014

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  5. When Cards Aren’t Necessarily Smart

    Smart cards are everywhere.  You probably have a stack of them, from store cards to coffee shops to cinemas.  One of the most successful applications has been in mass urban transportation – think Oyster card in London or Hong King’s Octopus card.  Smart cards are a great way to move to a cashless system and yield the benefits of much faster transactions and payment convenience.  But do you always carry all your cards?  So as Jersey’s Liberty Bus introduces its AvanchiCard is it really a smart move?

    January 24th 2014

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  6. Wearing Your Health on your Sleeve

    Wearable technology has long been talked about and as over a day you’re likely to have your smartphone with you longer than you wear some of your clothes, some have argued it’s already here.  Certainly the launch of google glass has opened eyes to the possibilities of augmented reality.  But with healthcare being one of the fastest growing sectors, has wearable medical technology come of age?

    January 10th 2014

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  7. Gamers Look to Where the Sun Rises

    Whilst the popular media may be fascinated by the rivalry between Xbox and Playstation, a different battle is being fought in the online games market.  A recent report by Digi Captial highlights that 8 out of 10 major games acquisitions have been launched by Chinese, Japanese or South Korean buyers.

    December 16th 2013

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