Just so you know what we do and what we don't do

At Infinitelightbulb we provide technical assessments, but we are not going to tell you whether to invest or, if you’re an innovator, whether to accept a particular proposition.  It will always remain your choice.  Formally, no service provided by Infinitelightbulb may be construed as providing investment or financial advice or encouraging, discouraging or coercing any individual regarding financial investment whatsoever.  Just so you know, we are registered with the Jersey Financial Services Commission but are not regulated under the Financial Services (Jersey) Law, 1998.  You should consult your adviser, being someone who is authorised and regulated by the relevant financial authority such as the JFSC, FCA and specialises in advising in equity investments.

Market Commentary

  1. Commentary Suspended

    I'm going to be concentrating on my current portfolio for a while so I'm reluctantly suspending my market commentary.  Normal service will be resumed once things (and the markets) have calmed down.  Might take a while.

    January 11th 2022

  2. On the Bounce

    2021 has seen a bounce-back in venture equity investment.  Some of this is post 2020 COVID related but is there something else going on? 

    October 22nd 2021

  3. Social Innovation

    Innovation has helped us ameliorate the pandemic but the social distancing response may be our downfall. As the world struggles to emerge from the pandemic, arguments rage about whether we can beat it or just learn to live with it.  Whatever happens with COVID-19 one thing we can be sure of is that it will not be the last pandemic.

    August 4th 2021