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  1. Too Late for the Gold Rush ?

    With smartphone sales stagnating and social media in the news for all the wrong reasons, it seems we’ve fallen out of love with technology. But isn’t innovation always in vogue?  

    January 18th 2019

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  2. Is Surge Replacing Hype?

    Many years ago, Gartner created it’s Hype cycle – a seminal model that describes how every technology innovation from printing to bitcoins goes through an initial period of interest and hype, then falls into a trough as disillusionment kicks in, only for enlightenment to bring recovery.  The problem facing the tech investor is knowing just where you are on the hype cycle and how deep the trough might be.  But this week, respected tech veterans have described a new phenomenon: the Surge cycle.  Is it time for a new model for tech?

    February 14th 2014

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  3. Is Bitcoin Worth More than Chocolate Money?

    A turbulent week for Bitcoin has seen the price for one bitcoin slump to half it’s November high water mark, principally on the basis of comments from China.  On Wednesday the Chinese central bank authorities ordered third-party payment providers to stop using the virtual currency.  So how can anyone use a transaction medium with such wildly varying exchange rates?

    December 20th 2013

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