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  1. Execution Trumps Inspiration

    Many factors influence startup business success but is there one overriding factor?  Evidence seems to point that way. 

    February 8th 2018

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  2. Why Some Bubbles Burst

    Nick Woodman is one of those rare breed of golden geese that have made more than $1bn through a technology innovation.  In Nick’s case (he founded GoPro in 2002 to take action surfing shots) it wasn’t that he even made a technical breakthrough – he simply took existing technologies (firstly 35mm film and then digital cameras) and used them in a new and disruptive way.  GoPro was once the darling of investors but why did this tech hit a bad wave? 

    August 7th 2015

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  3. Keeping Control

    One time Harvard Business Review editor and now general contrarist Nicholas Carr argues that much of today’s technology imprisons rather than liberates users.  In his book, The Glass Cage: Automation and Us, he argues that the invisibility of our high-tech snares gives us the illusion of freedom. 

    May 21st 2015

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  4. Digital Adolescence

    Why is the digital generation proving the most cynical as far as mobile payments are concerned? The use of mobile devices to make payments is not new (think Africa) but it wasn’t until April this year that the UK launched Paym.  According to the Payments Council, these sorts of transactions will become second nature.  Yet the very people who should be adopting this (15-25 year olds) are apparently the most reticent.  What’s going on ?


    August 15th 2014

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  5. Why Technology Investments Shine

    Every index has its ups and down but on 11th April this year the technology focussed Nasdaq fell 3.1 per cent, the worst one-day percentage loss since 2011.  Why?

    July 18th 2014

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  6. The Internet of Things Casts Shadows

    With 6 billion new internet devices being rolled out in 2014 alone The Internet of Things is upon us, but how aware are we of the risks? The number of devices connected to the internet is growing about as rapidly as the total amount of data the worlds holds.  To date, we have learnt to live with the security risks associated with desktop operating systems, even managed to treat our phones the same way but always felt that proprietary systems (such as electricity systems) are just more robust.

    June 20th 2014

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