If we think we can help you, we’ll outline what we would do for you.  If you’re interested, we’ll insist on signing a robust Non Disclosure Agreement – yours or ours (we don’t mind so long as it protects your ideas and our work).  We’ll then produce a detailed agreement with specific deliverables and milestones, typically including business profiling and presentation to potential investors.

Some clients want us for a particular assignment at a fixed fee, others want our engagement based on results, such as funding, in which case we take a small percentage.  The choice is yours.

Afterwards, if you wish, we’re happy to continue our work with you.  As you grow, you’ll want access to larger funding options and we can manage the apparently never ending process of preparing profiles, seeking introductions and pitching for investment.  By providing a complete funding pathway we can work alongside you throughout your journey.

We also provide delivery resources, as investors often want investment tied to specific deliverables or milestones. We don’t seek any exclusivity in our work.  If you want us to work with others alongside us, that’s fine with us.

Our goal is simple – we want to fundamentally increase the chances of your developments reaching fruition.

If you're not sure how to write the best investment proposal, look here.

Finally, don't forget to read the legals.

Market Commentary

  1. Investing in Stealth Mode

    Down rounds appear to be more frequent in recent months.  But surely down rounds regularly occur, even in “normal” times? Half a year on from the pandemic starting to hurt the economies, evidence has emerged that the number of down rounds is definitely increasing. 

    October 2nd 2020

  2. Scale Up or Cover Up?

    Investing in fast growing scale up businesses that generate over 100X is the stuff analysts dream of.  Yet it can so easily all go wrong, no matter how deep your pockets are. Cast your mind back to 2012 and imagine that you’d been offered the opportunity to invest in a technology business that was changing the way people and businesses work.  

    November 15th 2019

  3. Unfortunate Unicorns

    Unicorns remain the ultimate achievement for entrepreneurs and investors alike.  But away from the kudos of joining this exclusive club, are such goals the best target to aim for?

    July 2nd 2019