About us

At Infinitelightbulb, our mission is to do 3 simple things:

  • seek out and boil down those disruptive technology ideas whose essence in 3 to 5 years will change our lives
  • present the right development and funding opportunities, whether you are innovator or investor
  • provide the execution expertise to make these ideas explode into reality

We deliberately focus on disruptive technologies, as with the right funding and delivery resources, these provide the highest potential returns, for innovators and investors alike.

We are located in Jersey, one of the world’s most concentrated investment centres, with a unique pathway through startup, incubator, angel, syndicate/development and institutional/growth & exit stage funding.  In Jersey alone, there is 15 years of history with over two billion pounds of technology committed investment.

If you want to be part of this, talk to us.

  1. Dr Ian Jauncey

    Founder and Director

    I have a simple maxim for everything I've been involved with: "Do what's right". I've been very fortunate over 25 years to be able to put this into practice, whether it's deep technology or diverse people and organisations. 

    A generation ago I was the lead in the world beating team that invented the first optical fibre amplifier, the key global comms technology that enabled the internet - and won numerous prizes for the work. Since then I’ve grown businesses and turned round those that were going in the wrong direction, leading to the successful exit from the largest offshore technology provider in 2013.

    With Infinitelightbulb, comes the excitement of looking at many stunning ideas driven by passionate entrepreneurs – together with the knowledge that most fail not due to the inspiration but the execution.



  2. Ed Daubeney


    I am privileged to have enjoyed a number of leading roles within some of the Channel Islands' most influential companies. My early career was in Industrial Relations with Ford Motor Company and on returning to the Channel Islands, I was the HR Director of the Le Riche Group Limited, the largest private sector employer of the time. I became Managing Director of CI Hospitality, leading this business through major change and one private equity sale process prior to its ultimate acquisition by the Liberation Group in 2008.

    I was responsible for creating Digital Jersey, a body initially funded by the States of Jersey to promote the Island as a centre for Digital businesses and am active in generating commercial activities in this sector. I have a number of NED appointments, am also Deputy Chair of JACS (the Jersey Advisory and Conciliation Service) and hold an MBA from Ashridge Business School.

    My Associate role with Infinitelightbulb enables me to provide expertise across operational, consulting, project management and organisational management disciplines.


Market Commentary

  1. Too Late for the Gold Rush ?

    With smartphone sales stagnating and social media in the news for all the wrong reasons, it seems we’ve fallen out of love with technology. But isn’t innovation always in vogue?  

    January 18th 2019

  2. Virtual Not So Real

    Not so long ago virtual reality was heralded as the next new wave.  James Carmeron’s entirely virtual epic Avatar remains the top grossing film of all time.  But how real is this new wave?   A recent report by respected analysts IDC called out the emperor’s clothes – virtual reality (VR) headset sales were down a massive 33% in one year. So what is going on?

    October 24th 2018

  3. Does AI Sometimes Mean Artificial Illusion?

    Artificial intelligence is a current hot topic for investors but much of what is hyped as AI may not be all that it seems. Hype is a term often seen around disruptive innovations and Gartner penned the hype cycle a couple of decades or so ago in order to describe the different stages (“peak of inflated expectations”, trough of disillusionment”, “slope of enlightenment”, “plateau of productivity”).  More recently, analyst Davey Jose at sombre bank HSBC modernised the picture, using terms like “hype mania”, “backlash” and “real application”. 

    July 27th 2018