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Wearing Your Health on your Sleeve

January 10th 2014

It’s been over a decade since some particularly enthusiastic medics implanted the first bio sensors into themselves, but since then most wearable health devices have been confined to pedometers or pulse checkers.  However, there’s a coming wave of new personal devices than can monitor various aspects of how you’re doing.  Consumer devices already cover smart scales, glucose monitors, neurofeedback devices, and other diagnostics.

However, another sign of maturity is that the first comparison website for such devices has just been set up.  Bioniq (great name) is just launching that will compare the features and quality of all varieties of health trackers.  Further, they state that it’s also “for clinicians, who will increasingly be ‘prescribing’ apps and devices we will serve as a platform to enable technology (for the clinic, home, and wearable) to facilitate better diagnosis as well as disease treatment and management”. 

So you can forget about taking your paper prescription to the pharmacist for a bottle of pills – your GP is soon going to be “prescribing apps”.

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