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  1. Social Innovation

    Innovation has helped us ameliorate the pandemic but the social distancing response may be our downfall. As the world struggles to emerge from the pandemic, arguments rage about whether we can beat it or just learn to live with it.  Whatever happens with COVID-19 one thing we can be sure of is that it will not be the last pandemic.

    August 4th 2021

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  2. Revealing more than you’d Like

    When you press the Like button on Facebook, you may be revealing more than you thought.  The Like button was first released in 2009 and since then well over 1 trillion Likes have been registered.  According to work from Cambridge University and Microsoft Research, it turns out that what people choose to “Like” on Facebook can be used to determine a whole host of personal characteristics.

    October 24th 2014

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  3. Rise of the Personal App

    Recently the UK Chief Medical Officer suggested that the Government might need to bring in a tax on sugar in an attempt to address the growing obesity crisis.  Dame Sally Davies view was that obesity had become “normalised” in the UK and that potentially sugar was an addictive product.  With obesity potentially becoming the overriding medical challenge in a generation, what has tech done to help?  A new breakthrough in image processing may have the answer.

    March 14th 2014

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  4. How Big Should Big Data Be?

    Big Data is another one of those terms that’s been over hyped, but underneath the rhetoric, there are continual advances in pulling out ever more pertinent information from masses of data.  Yet, how come one of the biggest record databases in the UK (the NHS, now delayed for a further 6 months due to user concerns) has got into such a mess?  Has big data got too big for it’s boots?

    February 28th 2014

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  5. Wearing Your Health on your Sleeve

    Wearable technology has long been talked about and as over a day you’re likely to have your smartphone with you longer than you wear some of your clothes, some have argued it’s already here.  Certainly the launch of google glass has opened eyes to the possibilities of augmented reality.  But with healthcare being one of the fastest growing sectors, has wearable medical technology come of age?

    January 10th 2014

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