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  1. Will Europe overtake the US for Tech?

    Earlier this year Forbes updated it’s list of the most successful tech companies. Europe is larger, more populous and arguably more creative than the US.  Yet why do we still not match the US for tech? 

    December 14th 2017

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  2. Evolution of the Unicorn

    Forbes magazine runs a yearly Midas list – a set of 100 venture capitalists, investors and commentators who apparently have the knack of turning otherwise ordinary investments into gold.

    One of the consistent names on the list is Bill Gurley.  You’ve probably not heard of him, he works at Benchmark, one of the many Silicon Valley VC firms.  However, Bill has some notoriety as recently he’s been talking about the rise – and imminent fall – of unicorn technology companies.

    November 13th 2015

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  3. Why There’s Money in Messaging - Eventually

    Facebook has just announced that it is spending a colossal $19billion buying the mobile instant messaging company WhatsApp.  This is one of the biggest deals in tech for a long time – reminiscent of the $25billion acquisition of Compaq by HP.  Now, $19 billion is a lot of money – it’s larger than the entire market cap of say Sony for example – and it’s over 10% of the value of Facebook itself ($170bn).  The key point is that messaging platform acquisitions don’t always work.  Whilst YouTube has continued to grow since it’s take over by Google in 2006, MySpace fell off the cliff after Newscorp spent $580million buying it in 2005.  So why has Facebook risked so much?

    February 20th 2014

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  4. Giving it Away for Free Lands S1bn

    If you want to find out what people think, of you, your product, or even where you should go for the Christmas meal, the chances are you’ll use Survey Monkey.  It’s simple, easy to deploy, almost user foolproof – and the basic version is free.  So how come the company has joined the “unicorn” brigade of $1bn plus?

    December 10th 2013

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  5. Why It’s Black Friday for Virtual Money

    The Friday after Thanksgiving is apparently known as Black Friday, the traditional day that US Christmas shopping starts.  Over here, the term would be more likely interpreted as a reference to the banking crisis, but on the other side of the pond Black Friday is mean to be a retail bonanza, enabling struggling shops to claw their back into positive territory – hence “black” Friday.

    December 3rd 2013

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