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When Cards Aren’t Necessarily Smart

January 24th 2014

The problem with most smart cards is that they are application specific.  The one my daughter uses to pay for her school meals does exactly that and only that.  So you need a card for every purpose – and to plan ahead and bring the right ones with you.  Of course, there are many examples of one card for multiple purposes – even the Oyster card can be used for buses and other transport.

However, what’s really needed is a smart card that is versatile for any use, configurable for each application and you always carry it with you.  It’s called smart phone – and one’s already owned by 72% of the UK population.  And using Apple’s Passbook or Google Wallet you can easily configure it for your use.  Would it not be so much better if the Avanchi card was also an app, so that it could be used for car parks, tourist attractions and sports venues?  Interested parties contact Liberty Bus.

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