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  1. Too Late for the Gold Rush ?

    With smartphone sales stagnating and social media in the news for all the wrong reasons, it seems we’ve fallen out of love with technology. But isn’t innovation always in vogue?  

    January 18th 2019

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  2. How Long is Long Enough?

    In a couple of years’ time, the world will be marking the 50 years anniversary of the first moon landing.  Arguably mankind’s greatest technological achievement, Apollo represented the pinnacle of societal endeavour and technical advancement.  The legacy of the US’s ambitions spawned numerous technologies and a culture of can-do innovation.  Many argue that we are now too short term in our outlook.  But is this true for investors? 

    July 21st 2017

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  3. Visioning Our Future

    In 1984 Apple aired a TV ad that introduced the Macintosh.  The ad borrowed from Orwell’s 1948 vision of Big Brother and featured a rebellious athlete throwing a sledge hammer into the status quo.  The catchline ended ‘…and you’ll see why 1984 won’t be like “1984”’.  Apple revolutionised the way we work with computers but how many other visionaries have had such an impact?  Recent work by GoBankingRates points the way.

    June 10th 2016

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  4. The Innovation Champions League

    The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor has just released it’s latest report on entrepreneurial behaviour and attitudes.  It’s an impressive piece of work – almost a quarter of a million interviews across 100+ countries with countless institutions and academic establishments contributing.  And they’ve been doing it for 17 years so it’s a well established and objective process.  It shows how well the UK is doing – and why innovation is key.

    March 17th 2016

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  5. Innovator of the Year

    The Christmas season is seeing the usual increase in online shopping activity as each year the impact of the internet eats more in our lives.  According to reports from McKinsey and more recently the Boston Consulting Group, the Internet sector contributes 5.5% of the GDP of developed economies. Which country ranks top in terms of innovation and internet impact?  Not the US – somewhere closer to home.  

    December 21st 2015

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  6. Inventing Innovation

    The respected Boston Consulting Group surveyed 1,500 senior global executives and discovered that innovation is consistently amongst the top three priorities for their companies.  Such results are not surprising, given that innovation is seen as the key means of staying ahead of competitors.  Everyone likes an inventive organisation but where do the best ideas come from and can you build-in innovation? 

    April 24th 2015

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  7. A Vintage Year?

    The Business Insider publication has a bit of a reputation for putting together lists as well as choosing 14 as its favourite number.  So this year we’ve had The 14 Trends that Will Make Someone Billions of Dollars and The 14 Best Companies and so on.  But the latest list – The 14 Most Exciting Tech Launches in 2015 - are leaving some lukewarm and it seems that we’ll have to find the next big thing from elsewhere.

    December 19th 2014

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  8. Creativity and the City

    It’s a received wisdom that innovation happens in clusters – if you get enough bright people together they’ll soon spark off each other and the new ideas come rolling out.  Indeed, Rohan Silva – until a few months ago, Downing Street’s technology adviser – last week argued that Britain’s cities “are becoming global centres of technology innovation”.  But do cities have a monopoly of ideas and what are the real engines of creativity?

    January 31st 2014

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