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  1. Execution Trumps Inspiration

    Many factors influence startup business success but is there one overriding factor?  Evidence seems to point that way. 

    February 8th 2018

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  2. Will Europe overtake the US for Tech?

    Earlier this year Forbes updated it’s list of the most successful tech companies. Europe is larger, more populous and arguably more creative than the US.  Yet why do we still not match the US for tech? 

    December 14th 2017

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  3. Post Brexit – Tech Blues or Blue Sky?

    UK tech is the best in Europe, but does Brexit pose a threat or opportunity?  In recent years the team at London’s Tech City has produced a healthcheck of technology across the country, called the Tech Nation report.  Even if you take some of the findings with a pinch of political salt (Theresa May wrote the Foreward), there does seem to be good news for the UK tech investors.

    April 6th 2017

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  4. The Innovation Champions League

    The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor has just released it’s latest report on entrepreneurial behaviour and attitudes.  It’s an impressive piece of work – almost a quarter of a million interviews across 100+ countries with countless institutions and academic establishments contributing.  And they’ve been doing it for 17 years so it’s a well established and objective process.  It shows how well the UK is doing – and why innovation is key.

    March 17th 2016

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  5. When Single Minded Works and When it Doesn’t

    Almost every investment proposition includes a section on the business team, confident in the knowledge that a team will always outperform an individual.  Teams are considered almost sacrosanct and we all seem to believe that working in teams makes us more creative and productive.  But what really is the optimum team for a tech startup and growth business?

    May 2nd 2014

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  6. Connectivity and Contentment

    Indonesia is the latest country to announce an ambitious Fibre To The Premises rollout, promising 10Gb down and 2.5Gb upload speeds.  Even with a budget of $100bn, it’s a daunting task, particularly that Indonesia is targeting 20 million homes spread over 900 inhabited islands.  Indonesia is also in the news as it has topped another poll for apparently being the happiest country to live in, according to a survey from Ipsos.  Connectivity beings many benefits, but is contentment one of them?

    March 28th 2014

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  7. Winning by Degrees

    It’s the time of year when those that are finishing their degrees are applying for their first proper jobs whilst those still at school are working out which degree (if any) might be best for them.  The latest research suggests that it’s not looking good for the tech sector in the UK as apparently social science graduates are more likely to be in paid employment than arts or science graduates.  Does this explain why say the US seems to have such a strong tech sector or is there something else going on?

    March 7th 2014

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