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  1. Wearing Thin

    Apple became the largest publically traded company just over three months ago so there’s been a lot of expectation around it’s recent Spring Forward event.  Many of the announcements were as expected – the iPhone6 is enjoying phenomenal success with customer satisfaction at an incredible 99%, the new 12” Macbook is only 2/3 the volume of the earlier 11” version and so on.  However, most of the mainstream news centred on the Apple watch.  But despite the frenzy, are wearable technologies a solution looking for a problem?  

    March 20th 2015

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  2. Digital Adolescence

    Why is the digital generation proving the most cynical as far as mobile payments are concerned? The use of mobile devices to make payments is not new (think Africa) but it wasn’t until April this year that the UK launched Paym.  According to the Payments Council, these sorts of transactions will become second nature.  Yet the very people who should be adopting this (15-25 year olds) are apparently the most reticent.  What’s going on ?


    August 15th 2014

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  3. When Cards Aren’t Necessarily Smart

    Smart cards are everywhere.  You probably have a stack of them, from store cards to coffee shops to cinemas.  One of the most successful applications has been in mass urban transportation – think Oyster card in London or Hong King’s Octopus card.  Smart cards are a great way to move to a cashless system and yield the benefits of much faster transactions and payment convenience.  But do you always carry all your cards?  So as Jersey’s Liberty Bus introduces its AvanchiCard is it really a smart move?

    January 24th 2014

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  4. Is Bitcoin Worth More than Chocolate Money?

    A turbulent week for Bitcoin has seen the price for one bitcoin slump to half it’s November high water mark, principally on the basis of comments from China.  On Wednesday the Chinese central bank authorities ordered third-party payment providers to stop using the virtual currency.  So how can anyone use a transaction medium with such wildly varying exchange rates?

    December 20th 2013

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